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FAQ’s Brand / Print

Can you help me with the Printers

Yes we are often asked to help with liaising with your preferred printer. We can help at every stage from obtaining print quotes to suggesting suitable stock and finish and uploading finished artwork and ensuring a smooth hand over.

What will a logo cost me

Good question we generally provide a logo as part of our wider corporate package, which includes a Stationary set as well as supplying digital versions of logo and set on Disc. We can also provide Branding guidelines to help ensure that your brand is applied consistently across any 3rd party use.

I don’t have my logo can you recreate

This is a perennial question and usually because the logo was created a long time ago and there was no digital version available or it was set by a printer where you have no direct access. So the answer is probably, we have on many occasions had to repurpose many logos for this reason and we are confident that in most cases you will be pushed to see the difference. But now you will have a digital version that you can use as required.

We need a design quickly

Life does not always run smoothly and sometimes you just need to bite the bullet so from our side the answer is yes I am sure we can help. Call us and we can talk through your requirements and if it is humanly possible then we would be delighted to help you meet a tight or unexpected deadline.

Can you help us rebrand

Yes, our starting point is to talk through your current brand and to try and understand the reason for the change and then to help define against your repositioned values and objectives. Have a look at how we approached the Arlington Group for a concrete example

FAQ’s Web

Can you audit our website

Yes we have a range of diagnostic tools which will allow us to provide a variety of audits depending on the size and complexity of your online presence. We will provide a detailed report and will take you through our findings and outline any recommendations we may have together with a fully costed plan.

We are losing site traffic

We can carry out an initial site audit and discuss your expectations and from there make an initial assessment. We maybe able to remedy onsite issues readily and easily, or for a more sustained campaign we would look at a range of options to help get your traffic moving returning.t.

Where do we start, we need a site

Simple, we talk and we spend a little time getting to understand your needs, expectations, objectives and budget. From here we will present a number of options and talk though their relative merits and benefits and help provide a clear picture of how we would go about designing and building in a simple clear way.

We will provide a timeline and work with you to help develop great and focused content that really engage your target audience. The amount of engagement is up to you and we are happy to involve you at the rate you are most comfortable at.

And when you are ready to go live we can provide training, ongoing support and maintenance to keep you on track.

We need to add extra functionality

Yes. We can and there are several routes we can take

1. We can use a third party plugin. We will assess the suitability of your current site for the added functionality and any impact the plugin may impose and provide a clear pathway prior to implementation.
2. Custom coding. We can provide a custom solution that is finely tuned to your technology and specific requirements.

What is the benefit of a responsive site

The answer is simple, it improves your users experiences, it ensures the content views correctly on tablet, mobile and desktop and it matters to Google. It is also an opportunity to reassess your current online presence and ensure it is fit for purpose

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