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Eyecare Anywhere

Following on from our successful branding of the business Eyecare Anywhere asked us to develop their online presence.

A responsive CMS site was required to
• promote the business,
• outline the core corporate and domicile offer
• provide contact paths
• emphasize brand recognition
• provide help and advice

  • Client:

    Eyecare Anywhere

  • Location:


  • Website:

  • Skills:
    • Brand Development
    • Website Design and CMS Build
    • Content Consultation
    • CMS Training


As a content heavy site we had to strike a balance of this content against user friendliness and easy access to that information.

The site had to also enhance and build on core values in a sensitive and online appropriate manner.

We wanted to keep at the core of the site the personal nature of the service and the benefits a mobile service offers.


We employed a funnelling system through the main navigation.

Clear placement of those three core areas on the home page with easy navigation to those sections and a banner set that further emphasized those three sections.

Use of brand was deployed subtlety to enhance and take its development further forward.

A complete set of brand collateral, materials and resources were created and supplied allowing for seamless brand application across all sectors and requirements both in print and


A clearly laid out, highly responsive and easily editable site has been developed and deployed.

The brand and core services have a digital presence from which to build and grow.

With training and encouragement the client has
embraced the opportunity to maintain and update site content on a regular basis improving the sites organic growth.