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Souber Tools

We were asked to help Souber tools to provide a set of illustrations for their Specialist Lock Tools business.

These illustrations had to be re-usable and provide clarity and technical lock features for sales and purchase purposes.

  • Client:

    Souber Tools

  • Location:

    Neston, Cheshire

  • Skills:
    • Illustration


We undertook a short photoshoot to obtain a visual starting point.

From here we imported the source images and illustrated over the top to produce raw images.

This gave us the core images to fine tune and format. As vector images we now had a resource to build and adapt for other products


We developed a formalised and old school style of technical presentation of the locks so that dimensional and specification detail could be easily digested and recognised


A flexible set of illustrations that could be drawn upon as required produced and delivered in a short turnaround period.