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Northern Centre for Digital Imaging

We were asked to re-brand and reposition NCDI. The business was moving from public funded training to a more mixed commercial / public offer.

With this requirement we were tasked with moving the brand into this more corporate market.

  • Client:

    Northern Centre for Digital Imaging

  • Location:


  • Skills:
    • Exhibition Design
    • Corporate Materials
    • Brand Development
    • Layout and Design


NCDI had been in operation for a number of years with an increasingly recognised brand.

As such we looked at the elements of the brand that were most clearly associated with the business and reapply them to place the business more effectively in the commercial market.


We worked with the existing flower element and corporate orange as a starting point.
Extending the metaphor we mixed this with a wider range of styled flowers and a co-ordinated colour pallet that would allow us to create distinct sub brands for the various elements of the business.

This approach then allowed us to illustrate the training offer digitally and in print.


This has now been rolled out across all the marketing materials, exhibition panels, stationery and corporate materials required to promote and position the business.

The brand and all associated materials are now co-ordinated helping reinforce the brand with a clear and distinct set of collateral that allows easy and high quality resources to be created.