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Specialist Computer Centres

You are never quite sure what the day will bring you and we pride ourselves on our ability to respond and be flexible, especially when the call goes something like we need this doing by Friday (oh and its midday Wednesday).

And so we accept the challenge of turning around a marketing leaflet for print and online distribution in 48 hours.

  • Client:

    Specialist Computer Centres

  • Location:


  • Skills:
    • Design & Layout for Marketing Materials


Key to this task was getting to grips with associated Branding Guidelines and resources. This provided a very clear framework and structure to build and develop on.

Thankfully we were also given a very clear content brief and set of content priorities to develop against.


A grid structure and strategic key content placings formed our design starting point.

From here we used the pipe connectors to hold the story board approach together, allocating relevant information to the various levels supplied in the branding structure. Sky for Heading, Underground for Small Print and Street level for primary message and content.


So yes we made the 48 hour turnaround and the subsequent course recruitment campaign for which the leaflet was required achieved its quota of attendance numbers.