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Krueger Guitars

To develop a compelling dual language website for a high end German luthier signage. actually maybe it would be more accurate to say continue to build…

This is the third incarnation of this site and has grown a great deal other the 10 year period we have been working together.

This time there was a clear change in business priorities and direction and we had to reflect those in the approach and build, again we had to respond to responsive changes and end users.

  • Client:

    Dietmar Krueger

  • Location:

    Meldorf, Germany

  • Website:

  • Skills:
    • Website Design and CMS Build
    • Direction of Custom Photoshoot
    • Content Consultation


We had always appreciated the beauty and enormous craftsmanship in these handmade instruments but we now also had to equally reflect the repairs and restoration aspects of the business.

The client wished to retain a number of the core values of the previous site especially the focus on detail and the importance of relationship


We employed a 3 point funnel approach to guiding users quickly to the relevant section of the site. A feature which is also reflected in the home page banners and main navigation.

The custom photo shoot allowed us to bring consistency of images and formats through out the site and really enjoys the product detailing. We also took advantage of a blog and improved contact page.


A much improved online presence all in a user & Google friendly, CMS Drag and Drop package.

Dual Language achieved via the WPML plugin.

A clearer business focus for the three clearly identified target audiences