15 Oct, 2016

You may not know the name but you know the work – Abram Games

15 Oct, 2016

One of my earliest childhood memories were the various Guinness adds and this sparked off a real passion for period advertising graphics. Sadly as a kid I did not have the pocket money to invest, but I saw something in them and today these so-called disposable designs command huge sums of money.

So to get the opportunity to visit an exhibition of one of my design heroes, well you don’t have to ask me twice. There is something about seeing the original artwork up close seeing the brush strokes and feint pencil lines that mark out the design that gives you just a little insight into the creative mind.

More than the end product of his work is his philosophy and clear grasp of what good design is and what it brings to the party. A clarity of message with focused graphics that are always on the money. The brilliantly multi-layered designs that deliver on so many levels without ever losing focus and clear regard for the client and their objectives.

Any aspiring graphic designers education is incomplete without getting to know Abram Games’ work. Good design always stands out.

To find out more please visit the exhibition site here http://www.jewishmuseum.org.uk/abramgames

Or visit the Abram Games website Please Click here 

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